Transform your transactions, reduce paper waste and printing cost, and enhance customer engagement seamlessly with Digital Receipts
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Seamless onboarding, swift customization
With Recepta, it takes just minutes to enhance your customer experience. Enjoy hassle-free digital receipts and transform your business effortlessly.
Step 1
Integrate with Recepta API
in under 5 minutes
Step 2
Customize your receipts
and preview in real time
Step 3
Watch QR codes appear
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Recepta empowers businesses to create personalized, branded digital receipts fostering meaningful connections and enhancing customer loyalty
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Why Recepta?
Saves money
(paper, printer)
Works for all payment methods
(cash, card, coupon)
Streamlined returns
and exchanges
Customer behaviour
(Device ID)
Customer feedback
Paperless loyalty
Enhanced customer
Branding and marketing
Compliance and
tax reporting
Offers convenience
According to Statista & Forbes
of customers would like
retailers to offer digital receipts
return customers
are more likely to purchase
Avg. merchant spending
increase in revenue
of customers will pay
more for a better experience

Environmental Benefits

You already know that lots of trees are being cut down in order to produce the paper for your receipts, but did you know that 93% of paper receipts are non-recyclable and coated with BPA and BPS (the same toxins as single-use plastics)?

Production of paper receipts in the USA account for:

12 million trees
bigger than
Yosemite National Park
21 billion gallon
4 months water
supply of entire Boston
250 million gallon
more than daily oil
production of Texas
21 billion pounds
equivalent of one million
cars on the road
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We offer 5-minute API integration for most POS terminals. If your POS isn't compatible, we'll provide a plug-in device for immediate digital receipts.
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